Growing Ferns in my bedroom

tips on how to grow ferns indoors successfully.

It has always been my desire to grow plants inside my apartment.

However, to grow them successfully, our desire has to be compromised.

You may want to grow flowers indoor, only to discover that they could not survive. Most flowers need strong sunlight to stay alive.

To be practical, you need to trade off. Your choices have to be limited to plants that are not light-demanding. Ferns happen to be one of those choices.

Even so you need to place them in certain spots in your room that guarantee enough sunlight. A stop closest to the window is a good starting point. Anyway, the spots should not expose to direct sunlight during the day either as most ferns do not stand direct sunlight.

Water them daily, preferably in the morning. Make sure the water goes through every part of the container and drain out completely. If the soil gets too damped, you might want to water on alternate days.

Ferns do not demand a lot of fertilizers. In many cases, fertilizers are not needed. Make sure you have got good substrates. It is advisable to prune the soil at least once a month.

Follow these rules. Chances are you will be succeeding in growing ferns in your bedroom.

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