Note on my aquarium 2017

I promised myself to write about my aquarium once a year.


It has been five years since I bought my first fish tank. It was not until recently that I discovered the right way to control algae.

Currently, my tanks are almost algae-free without the use of any chemicals.

It is a total misconception that strong light or excessive fertilizers are the cause of algae bloom. In fact, many professional planted tanks are algae-free despite excessive fertilizers.

The truth is algae will disappear from the tank whenever you can have your planted tank achieve an equilibrium. When I say equilibrium, I mean to have an environment that plants can outgrow algae. Algae will simple disappear from the tanks as a result.

The tricky part is how to achieve tank equilibrium. There is no exact formula to do so. Different tanks need different conditions to achieve the equilibrium. Moreover, from time to time, the equilibrium will break down. You would need to adjust the environment in order to achieve equilibrium again (new equilibrium).

Based on my experience, the most relevant factor is to have the right combination of light, CO2 and fertilizers to get to equilibrium. For example, if the light is strong (because some plants in your tank need strong light), CO2 and fertisiliers have to be sufficient. In most cases, CO2 is the bottleneck in the tank, so you always need a high level of CO2 to achieve equilibrium in most cases.

The second most important factor in my view is the current flow in the tank. Make sure it is enough and coved most part of the tank. Better flow also help spread CO2, so you won’t need as much CO2 as the tank that lacks enough current flow.

Now that I know how to control algae, the next step is to learn how to make a good aquascaping. The learning process is so slow. But I will try to make sure that there is always some progress.

Until next year…


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