How to be a hipster from the inside

It has been said, in many cases sarcastically, that to be a hipster you need to drink coffee, ride a bicycle, and raise a cat.

Those are the outer characteristics of a hipster. But I guess one cannot truly become a hipster simply by imitating those characteristics. The real hipsters have something in common from the inside that drive them to have those outer characteristics and not the other way around.

To become a hipster from the inside, first of all, you need to find a creativity-related career. Hipsters are those who do what they love for a living no matter what. This is probably the toughest requirement for being a hipster, but very crucial. It enables you to spend most of your time doing art and thereby the hipstership is being internalized. You can spend your entire time on art, but how you gonna pay your bills if those activities could not give you income. Think about it.

By having a creativity-related career does not necessary mean that you have to be a professional artist. In fact being an artist has always been a struggle as a career. Rather, you can look for jobs like a marketing manager of a luxury brand, a reporter of a fashion magazine or even a librarian. Don’t go for jobs like a factory worker. In fact working for a company is actually much more practical than being a self-employed artist. You are likely to be able to afford a hipster lifestyle over the long run.

Also, I believe a hipster must read a lot, especially in the area of his interests. What differentiate a true hipster who drinks coffee from a fake one is that he know very well about the back story of coffee. In fact, I notice that many hipsters are geeks.

True hipsters also tend to be simplicity-inclined. They do not like to be extravaganza. It is very strange to encounter a hipster who owns a supercar. That’s why many hipsters ride a bicycle, because they love the simplicity of it.


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